The Quickest Way to Get Rich With Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is advertising with the help of different digital channels viz. search engines, social media, mobile apps, websites, and email. With the help of these channels, companies promote their services, brands, and various products to earn revenue.

As an estimate consumers search for their requirements on the search engines, websites, and mobile applications with varying percentages as 48%, 33%, and 26% respectively.

To have better buyer engagement, marketers can implement a digital marketing strategy and better understand target customer behaviors, which will enhance customer engagement and retention.

As per the statistics, strong digital marketing tactics can help organizations retain customers with approximately 89% level compared to those with feeble or no such programs with a retention level of 33% only.

The importance of the digital marketing can be understood by this famous quote by Sanjay Dholakia, Former Chief Marketing Officer, Marketo

“Digital is at the core of everything in marketing today—it has gone from ‘one of the things marketing does’ to ‘THE thing that marketing does.’”

 – Sanjay Dholakia, Former Chief Marketing Officer, Marketo

Solutions that digital marketing provide

Digital marketing can help optimize marketing strategies to have a better in-depth knowledge about the customer base and acquire vital data about them to facilitate the marketing team to gain reliability.

#Solution 1: To know the target audience well enough to get started. It is a time-consuming process to know your target audience; even though your marketing side might have developed audience personas, clients enthusiastically engaged online may behave differently. It may so happen that certain descriptors attract different people and their place in the purchasing sequence. To make you different from your competition, you will have to attune yourself to your audience and build credibility. 

#Solution 2: Optimized your channels for SEO. The marketing process demands knowledge of SEO best practices. As an avenue, SEO strengthens and optimizes to deliver top-rated, valuable content meeting the requirement of target customers. 

#Solution 3: Provide social media strategy. For the success of branding and engagement, it’s significant to have some form of social marketing in place, be it organics social media strategy or a paid social media strategy. Patience coupled with a suitable niche is required since as the following increases, it will also lead to the influence of your ads.

#Solution 4: Integrated marketing teams. To create agile and fluid structures, silos must be non-existent. So cross-channel functionality amalgamated with marketing efforts with teams having multiple skill sets are required to engross customers.

The Way Digital Marketing Works

There are various strategies that Digital marketing uses to reach its coveted goal.

Digital marketing, in a broad sense, can be termed as a football team wherein different players in a team are positioned at different positions to meet a common goal to make the team win and be successful in its venture.

In the same fashion, all the digital marketing strategies team up to generate traffic and convert leads into devoted clients for the business.

Here are the seven major digital marketing strategies. Let us go one by one :

Solutions that digital marketing provides;
digital marketing

1. Search Engine Optimization

In case of any information or purchase need, the very first thing anyone does is look it up on Google search engine. Once results are displayed, the client generally looks up the search results on the first or, in some cases, second page of google search. 

This is the place where SEO’s role becomes significant. Thus the most important step in digital marketing is to make your website SEO friendly. Lacking optimization shall leave you far behind the search engine race leading to a loss of opportunities for your business.

It takes money, time, energy, and tolerance to generate organic traffic to your website. If you want a cost-effective solution to come on the first page of the Google search engine, then SEO is the way out. It is a cost-free tool to grow the site’s traffic progressively with time

2. Content Marketing

In an online marketing strategy, content marketing has an important role in increasing the customer base, brand equity, and engaging your target customers. 

Content marketing helps to convince customers to purchase by interacting with them. Examples of content marketing are Blogging posts, Ebooks, Podcasts, Videos, Infographics, Testimonials, Social media posts, etc., to name a few. 

3. Pay-per-click Advertising

In this form of marketing, an advertiser is paid for the number of times a user clicks on your ad. It is the simplest and fastest way to gain traffic to your website and is not considered organic.

Since SEO may take time to fetch organic traffic, PPC advertising still is one of the quickest ways to get the traffic.

4. Website Marketing

Your potential customers may find Your website one of the biggest marketing resources to find what they’re looking to conclude the purchase.

To decide to buy, an average consumer spends a substantial amount of time on a website. Thus, the user needs to have an excellent user experience to keep customers on your website longer. Needless to mention that they should be able to get the required data on their desired goods and services.

Remember that your site’s graphics, design, and overall layout create a good impression on visiting customers. Also, ensure that it is mobile friendly as the majority of customers access websites through their mobile devices

5. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most trending and effective forms of digital marketing.

As the number of social media users has been growing exponentially worldwide, it has huge potential. And to become successful, it is essential to have in-depth knowledge about this form of marketing.

Since most of your potential customers spend most of their time on this platform, it is an evergreen marketing platform to talk about your products and services. You can also use it to run contests, ad campaigns, etc.

6. Affiliate Marketing

In this type of Digital marketing, a product ambassador for your business supports engaging with potential customers and recommends the services and goods of your business for a commission.

Influencers and effective individuals in the digital marketing field can help promote your business to a large audience on a chargeable basis.

7. Email Marketing

As per the latest statistics by Forbes magazine, an average person’s frequency of email checks is 15 times a day.

It is frequently used as a form of communication with your clients who have subscribed to your business updates.

Email marketing thus succeeds in making devoted clientele who keep on making repeated purchases from you and also used to send scheduled newsletters and advertising offers and keep them informed about their products and services.

8. Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is related to an organization’s capability to entice, involve and translate the audience into clients.

It means creating and posting thought-provoking and valuable content on your website to attract the targeted audience. Such content should be written so that the audience in focus gets enticed, and they, in turn, post it to others through different modes of communication.

What Is A Digital Agency?

The Digital Agency is termed an advertising agency designed to meet the marketing needs of companies in this digital age.

With the amalgamation of new technology and modern marketing methods, a digital agency brings graphic design and copywriting together. This represents a decidedly original mix of artistry, engineering, science, and resolve to fix snags and provide solutions in a very fast-changing scenario.

Main Services of Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital Marketing agencies offer following service normally :

  • Website design and development,
  • apps,
  • search engine marketing
  • search engine optimization,
  • social media marketing,
  • content creation,
  • online lead generation,
  • online brand development and management,
  • media campaigns,
  • video, email marketing,
  • mobile campaigns and ROI assessments etc.

A deep understanding of the medium and process is essential to direct and grow a brand through digital channels effectively. To deliver added customer value through digital means, an Effective brand takes benefit of the interface.

Digital marketing

Advantages of Working with a Digital Marketing Agency

To aim the specific set of audiences you are looking for, Digital agencies expertise in low-cost solutions.

Digital marketing agencies focus on effective concepts to deliver as per the expectation of the customer’s needs.

Digital agencies apply a multidisciplinary method to customers’ needs. It provides answers for the total client experience, including but not limited to sales and marketing, online shopping, subscription services, billing, and delivery.

To deliver as per customer’s expectations, digital agencies apply tactical thinking, technical novelty, storytelling, and brand building.

To ensure success in their endeavor, digital marketing agencies employ capable people that follow a sound-documented set of business structures.

What Exactly Does a Digital Marketer Do

To reach targeted consumers, a digital marketer uses various channels to build brand awareness and promote goods and services.

To stay on top of the ever-growing digital media channels, digital marketers create, deploy, manage, and track campaigns as they master a wide range of services and tools.

In a nutshell, Digital Marketers are accountable for all the above mentioned jobs.

Why Is Digital Marketing Important In 2022

Digital marketing, because of its universal appeal, is being adopted by many marketers. It has many faces, which we see being used in day-to-day use. Google ads, Youtube, augmented reality are such a few examples.

Even in 2022 also, you can take the help of a digital marketing strategy to grow your business and make online existence.

Few reasons are enumerated here below, highlighting the importance of digital marketing services 2022.

1. Create Competitive Edge

With the people globally adjusting them to the post-pandemic scenario, Digital marketing services are gaining wide acceptability. It is now understood that to have a competitive edge in 2022, investing in digital marketing strategies is a must to retain the online market share.

Furthermore, it would help grow your business with digital marketing strategies to get your share of traffic without any diversion to your competitors. You may use social media marketing as a prime strategy to make paid advertising and influence and reach your aimed customers.

2. Enhance customer base

In 2022, the count of active internet users will touch around 4.66 billion worldwide, which highlights the scope and potential of the digital landscape, which will only continue to grow with time.

As daily numerous internet users are making use of websites and social media for their individual needs, you can have the wide possibility of connecting with them by adopting the right digital marketing channels and strategies.

3. Make Reach to the Right Audiences

Digital marketing services are much more effective in serving businesses to reach their aimed audience than conventional advertising approaches. You can use a wide range of tools for target market research to recognize specific audiences.

Also, through digital marketing, you can reach the target audience through various channels, e.g., websites, search engines, and emails. However, wide research is required on your aimed audience base as it will allow you to select the correct marketing channel depending upon the customer demography and behavior pattern.

What Is Digital Marketing Strategy

A digital marketing strategy can be termed as a plan that helps a company achieve explicit goals utilizing wisely chosen marketing channels like owned, earned, and paid media.

Thus, a marketing plan is essential for improved effectiveness to make out of your time and marketing budget for digital marketing.

Significant Components of a Digital Marketing Strategy are as :

Define Marketing Goal

In crafting a marketing strategy and achieving significantly from efforts, a set of defined marketing goals are set. These marketing goals are in line with the ultimate goals of your business.

For instance, to increase your customer base by 10%, your marketing goal should be enhanced proportionately to generate feasible leads to achieve this targeted success.

However, ensure that you measure your results with the help of a suitably crafted key performance indicator (KPI).

Focus On Your Aimed Audience

Understanding your demographics, target audience, and the mindset of existing and new customers are important factors in digital marketing.

Before becoming an ideal long-term customer, a buyer must pass through several steps to get to the point of purchase. In a broad sense, brand awareness and education are the initial stages for him to pass through before taking a final call for purchase.

Content Marketing efficiency

Content marketing is a vital aspect of digital marketing. For content to have acceptability by readers, it must have substance in it. Thus you require a proper strategy in mind depending upon the customer profile to write effective content. It will finally result in the optimization of content.

Create Your Model Customer Profile (ICP) and Buyer Personas

As a digital marketer, you need to develop your buyer personas to know exactly who you want to speak with, knowing that they will have a mutual interest in speaking with you.

Create your buyer persona, keeping in view that your audiences who has mutual interest in interacting with you so that as a digital marketer, you precisely with whom you need to talk to.

Also, these developed personas should only be based on research. It would help if you also keep in mind to be specific and refer to available tools like Facebook and Google Analytics for factual insights for details.

Then you take action to separate these numerous personas with their job title and location. Further asses their requirement or needs and the finest way to have access to this person.

Identify Various Marketing Channels and Buying Stages

To target decision-makers in model consumer verticals, The awareness stage may be fixated on education and establishing expertise.

In the second stage, those engaged with your awareness campaign stage are impacted and incentivized by targeting them with a promo or value proposition. The KPIs for this campaign shall be related to lead generation.

Finally, in the conversion stage, sales is driven by targeting past website visitors again. The KPIs for this campaign shall be engaged with the help of a contact form or a signed proposal.

Keeping a focus on buyer personas, you can better understand your audience and their buying pattern and the best way to understand and connect with them.

Set the right tone of your Message

To make your audience pay heed to your message, draft it to resonate with whom you are trying to speak with. The language of your campaign and content should be one that your audiences understand, and this can be achieved through proper research and planning.

By devoting proper time to the message and keeping its tone personal, you can make your audience more receptive to your proposals.

types of Digital Media

3 types of Digital Media and how to use them

Digital Media plays an important role in making brands access more people and advertise companies in the right networks and channels.

There are three types of media named Earned, Owned, and Paid Media. These media signifies dissimilar product popularization, promotion, and opportunities to network with the target audience.

Creating content, strengthening a brand, and generating engagement are some of the main objectives of Digital Marketing.

Father Of Digital Marketing

In the modern world, Rand Fishkin is considered the “Father of Digital Marketing.”

He is a statesman as far as digital marketing and SEO are considered and termed a leader in these fields. He is the co-founder and CEO of SparkToro.

What Qualifications Do You Need for a Digital Marketing Job?

Digital marketing is a buzzword today. This is a field where a state of constant fluctuation exists, and it means that inventions, skills, and disorderly ideas make a change in the playing field with time every year.

It foretells the need to keep pace with the changing time and technologies in this field to become successful.

Still, there are basics in digital marketing skills; those more or less remains the same and having a grip on these is the key to success.

Here are the qualifications required to get success in the digital marketing arena.

  • Social marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Content & inbound marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Digital strategy & planning
Digital Market Career

Steps to Start a Successful Digital Marketing Career

Here are 10 steps you can follow today to pursue a career in digital marketing:

  • Learn the basics of digital marketing
  • Start your website
  • Become an SEO Expert
  • Master Facebook Ads Advertising
  • Get a Google Ads Certification
  • Get a digital marketing job as a freelancer
  • Become an expert in Google Analytics
  • Get a real internship

1. Learn basics of digital marketing

For digital marketing learners, the initial stage is to learn the basics of Digital Marketing and its main components.

It is generally a synonym for online marketing and is used to describe the process of marketing on the Internet.
Various components cover all parts of online marketing. In other words, it is a branch with many channels, which comprise to form a digital marketing campaign.

For better understanding, digital marketing has the following channels:

Digital Marketing Definition and Channels:

Search Engine Marketing – has two different areas as paid search advertising search engine optimization (organic SEO)

Content Marketing – Use of various forms of content in digital marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing – Use of emails for marketing of goods or services.

Website Marketing – Website promotion on internet.

Mobile Marketing – App stores marketing (Apple Store and Google Play store)

Video Marketing – Using YouTube and other video channels as marketing avenues

Affiliate Marketing – making sales by Promote other people’s products, make sales and get affiliate commission.

Social Media Marketing – Use Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks for marketing

To become a decent digital marketing manager, one should have the required skills to work with the above-listed channels.

2. Start your own website

The next logical step is to get your hands-on experience in the field of digital marketing.

The finest way to make it happen is to start your website.

As Digital marketing is a practical concept, one must know the real working principle that works for SEO and social media marketing and how these can be applied in a real-life situation.

Then you can set up a blog and work your way out to growing your rankings and create merchandise or find a product to promote through advertising to make sales.

3. Become an SEO Expert

SEO is an integral part of your journey in digital marketing. Thus getting hands-on experience is a must in case you wish to become an SEO expert.

With SEO, you can create websites and optimize them for having increased traffic and rankings.

Once you become an expert in this field, you can work to mastery in other related fields.

4. Master Facebook Ads Advertising

To become a better digital marketing specialist, the next step is to work on different social media networks (Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn) with a focus on Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram and Facebook, apart from being great social networks, are significant tools for any digital marketing campaign.

5. Get a Google Ads Certification

As a digital marketing consultant, you will also work on is to use Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) to endorse goods or services on the numerous websites on the Internet.

The necessary skills can be obtained by having a Google Ads certification, and Google has many ways to help you become a Google AdWords Expert.

6. Become an expert in Google Analytics

A digital marketing professional needs to know Analytics to measure the quantum of success in digital marketing.

It is important to know as many people viewed your campaign, clicked on your ads, conversions generated, etc., of a campaign to measure its success rate.

7. Start career in Digital marketing job as a freelancer

You can also opt to get a real digital marketing job.

You may jump into creating your website but providing your services of digital marketing job shall enhance your skills to a different level.

To provide solutions to customers, it will prompt you to set up procedures, work on analytics. Also, it will make you learn to handle budgets and manage customer communication.

8. Get a real internship

You may also think of getting a real job as a digital marketer in a reputable agency.

Adopting this method, you will learn tricks of the trade-in a digital marketing agency. Later, you may decide to start your agency or join another business as a digital marketing professional.


Digital marketing is a great choice as a career. As of today, there is an increased demand for digital marketing professionals globally.

Digital Marketing has many disciplines that sum it up, and you could be an expert in all of them provided you are willing to devote adequate time, money, and energy to reach the higher end of skills.

In case you wish to add any comments, you are welcome.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is advertising with the help of different digital channels viz. search engines, social media, mobile apps, websites, and email. With the help of these channels, companies promote their services, brands, and various products to earn revenue.
As an estimate consumers search for their requirements on the search engines, websites, and mobile applications with varying percentages as 48%, 33%, and 26% respectively.

What Solution Digital Marketing Provide?

Digital marketing provide following solutions:
#Solution 1: To know the target audience well enough to get started. It is a time-consuming process to know your target audience; even though your marketing side might have developed audience personas, clients enthusiastically engaged online may behave differently.  
#Solution 2: Optimized your channels for SEO to strengthens and optimizes to deliver top-rated, valuable content meeting the requirement of target customers. 
#Solution 3: To Provide social media strategy for the success of branding and engagement
#Solution 4: To Integrate marketing teams as cross-channel functionality amalgamated with marketing efforts with teams having multiple skill sets are required to engross customers.

What are the Steps to Start a Successful Digital Marketing Career?

1. Learn the basics of digital marketing
2. Start your website
3. Become an SEO Expert
4. Master Facebook Ads Advertising
5. Get a Google Ads Certification
6. Get a digital marketing job as a freelancer
7. Become an expert in Google Analytics
8. Get a real internship

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