10 Best Free SEO Tools -The Essential Guide

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In a world where “Nothing is free” and things are measured in terms of their value, something available as Free is a virtue.

In relation to SEO, there are few SEO tools that do not cost you a penny and are fantastic for delivery of the purpose in digital marketing. In short, these are free SEO tools, which you can use to get a higher rank in search engines with no extra expenses.

Here is a list of few search engine optimization tools or SEO tools, which are free are high on usability and best tool for SEO. Here it goes:

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1. Google Analytics SEO Tool

Google Analytics is one of the most popular SEO free tools, even suggested by the industry stalwarts.

If you are looking for first-rate data with comprehensive information, you can surely opt for Google Analytics. In a time when Google is calling the shots, it becomes an automatic choice.

It will be an understatement that other data tools rely on the input received from Google for further processing. 

Needless to say, that since all the important data related to website visitors, traffic etc., arises from Google Analytics, none can afford to ignore it.

2. Google Search Console SEO Tool

Google Search Console, formerly known as Webmaster Tools, is another in the list of best free SEO tools used extensively by online marketers. This is considered one of the finest google SEO tools

Google Search Console primarily focuses on Search and optimization

Marketing and SEO professionals should get themselves acquainted with a dashboard of Google Search Console regularly since merely a glance at it gives a lot of insights.

In general, Google Search Console delivers the same data as that of Google Analytics. However, the delivered data is simple to comprehend. Also, the data received is easy to access. 

Google Search Console also provides the data related to the links to your websites, which is quite an important aspect. It becomes more important since it is essential to track bad links coming to your website as an important step of Off-Page SEO.

You cannot do away with Google Search Console as it has the crucial data from a website’s perspective to keep track of traffic.

3. SEOWorkers Analysis Tool

This is a special type of best SEO tool free available for use. This search engine optimization tool, when plug into any website URL, can generate a report.

SEOWorkers provides the background information of the data related to any website. It facilitates to get a quick analysis of data and saves a considerable amount of time. 

It also provides data like HTTP Headers Check, which also you can check and analyze, which normally users do not go for.

This has a few other features, which indicates whether you are performing well and something is required to be done.

SEOWorkers also has a special feature. Apart from showing the important SEO data, you can also learn SEO. 

The report also provides a detailed discussion within each analyzed group.

SEOWorkers does wide-ranging keyword analysis. In Keyword analysis, the outcome shows head terms or single keywords and two, three, and four-word longtail key phrases.

SEOWorkers provides multiple data, and some of it differs from other SEO and reporting tools, although it can be termed as excess information.

For a knowledgeable SEO user, the discussion in each section is unnecessary; however, it could be of use to newcomers.

4. MozBar SEO Tool

For carrying our SEO successfully, it is important to know every aspect of it. With the help of one of the best SEO tools named MozBar, users can get the right stuff instantly.

The MozBar button can be placed as a part of the browser’s toolbar. It also has the flexibility to be placed at any side of the browser, be it bottom, side or top. With just a click of the mouse, one can get a quick report on any visiting website.

Page Elements, Page Attributes, and Link Data are the three categories that a toolbar has.

If you opt for the paid version of this SEO tool, it will deliver the goods compared to the cost paid; however, if someone has a financial crunch and wishes to use a free version of this effective tool. One can go to its free version, which still has many features, which justifies its use.

5. WooRank Website Reviews SEO Tool

At first sight, WooRank’s Website Review looks like just another SEO tool in the queue. However, you can get some data out of it, which you do not get from other tools.

With the help of these tools, you can get an analyzed report of any site infraction o time.

One of the useful sections in this tool is Social shareability. You can get hold of some free analysis tools to get cumulative social network data at a place.

The Mobile section is the best feature of WooRank. On a comparison note, we can expect such analysis and level of data from only a few free SEO analysis tools.

There are features like its ease, interface, and amount of data, which give this tool a high ranking among many other tools. However, the flip side is, data obtained from this tool is not always accurate

6. Ubersuggest SEO Tool

This is another one of the best free tools designed to make you fight the game of SEO successfully and win. 

To be successful in SEO, you must have a bird’s eye view of the entire process, keeping a close watch on the competitor’s activity. This is important so that one can realign the SEO strategy to take advantage of the market’s shortcomings.

Ubersuggest is an extremely simple tool and can be used instantly like a pro even by a first-time user.

Many of the users consider Ubersuggest as a great substitute for the Google Keyword Planner tool, which has lost its shine to some extent.

Ubersuggest is a versatile tool, which is another tool in demand and termed as one of the finest keyword tools for SEO. It also can perform other SEO processes and can be helpful in platforms like Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc.

Ubersuggest can also be termed as a free SEO checker, which can be added to Google Chrome Browser as an extension. 

7. ClickFlow SEO Tool

It is a general practice that marketers resort to creating new content and building new backlinks, apart from other methods to grow website traffic.

The ClickFlow Content Decay Tool performs the task of displaying old pages on your website, which is no longer performing well. So, website owners can recreate the content to get traffic.

To do so, you need to link the Content Decay Tool to Google Search Console.

As soon as ClickFlow imports your website data, it will fetch a report, which will mention the pages that have lost the search traffic over the last 12 months.

It will give you a lead where you can work on those posts to gain lost traffic. 

Once you recreate the content, this SEO tool will highlight the effect of those updates on a page-by-page basis on your traffic and rankings, 

8. Answer The Public SEO Tool

This SEO tool facilitates the user with all of the questions people may have related to any industry or keyword and thus gives an idea to create the content.

It will give you a list of the questions which people at large ask for a particular keyword with just mention of a keyword in its search bar.

This SEO tool displays the data in an interesting visual format. As indicated above, this is an ideal choice for content creation. Questions mentioned here can be used for FAQ Schema sections or headers.

With the help of this one of the widely demanded keyword research SEO tools, you can also go up the rank on Amazon, YouTube, and loads of other sites.

9. Neil Patel SEO Analyzer SEO Tool

One of the best digital marketers, Neil Patel, has another SEO Analyzer tool, an important SEO tool that does not cost you.

This tool will take 10 minutes to crawl your site once you plug in your URL to it. 

With this SEO tool, you can access ample critical information with predictable traffic scores, SEO scores, and backlinks, apart from any broken or blocked pages.

This tool even depicts SEO issues in the website and gives you tips to improve your site optimization.

10. Keyword.io SEO Tool

The working principle of KwywordTool.io is the same as that of Google Suggest. However, this concept is workable for a few sites like Amazon, YouTube, Play Store, etc.

KeywordTool.io. SEO tools can be used for carrying out SEO on websites other than too


In fact, there are many SEO tools, which can be of use to SEO professionals, Bloggers, Digital Marketers, etc. However, we have identified a few free SEO tools useful for your benefit.

You may like these tools through which you can check SEO for free and use them for increasing the user experience and ranking of your website.

These can also be tagged as search engine ranking tools for use without spending anything out of your pocket.

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