The 4 Powerful YouTube and Affiliate Marketing Facts

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Why Youtube is Popular as Affiliate Marketing Tool; 
Affiliate marketing

With the start of civilization, there has been a craving for finding ways to earn revenue with a minimum of effort.

Over time, numerous methods were developed to meet this need of humankind.
Later on, marketing became the most innovative way to promote products and services by organizations.

Affiliate marketing is one such method related to Digital Marketing to promote the brand of any product and service and market, in turn, earn a percentage of commission out of a sale.

Video marketing is one such type of marketing used to promote brands and get in touch with targeted customers. For this, Youtube is the most popular platform

You may simply ask, YouTube who or what ?

The answer is it is one of the most refined versions of Video marketing, which is leading the way. And the person using this method of marketing is called a Youtube marketer.

This is being used as a strategy by Marketers with varying degrees of success.

Why Youtube is Popular as Affiliate Marketing Tool

There are a few reasons why Youtube is Popular as Affiliate Marketing Tool and has gained popularity among marketers, Youtube Affiliate marketers are also known as Youtube affiliate or Youtube affiliates :

  • It is one of the best captivating marketing tools to share your product information with your target audience.
  • As an estimate, most individuals certified (App. 65%) that videos played an essential role in buying products.
  • Also that they are more prone (Appr. 48%) to buy a product after seeing a product online through video mode.

The grand success of this platform is because of the excellent connectivity it has with its audience. Furthermore, it can be easily connected with the name of Affiliate platform it is associated with. For example, a Youtuber associated with the Amazon Affiliate programme is known as an amazon Youtuber.

This is primarily because of the reason that message articulation by Video is much better as compared to that transmitted by written modes.

More than 65% of the viewers have confirmed buying a product merely on the recommendation of Vloggers; this fact highlights the importance of the Youtube channel.

Having a broader audience base of more than 2 billion users every month, YouTube has played a significant role in promoting the Videos to the targeted users help as Affiliate Markeing tool and is also termed the 2nd largest search engine after Google.

Youtube as a medium for affiliate marketing
affiliate marketing

Youtube as a medium for affiliate marketing

To start using YouTube as a medium for Affiliate Marketing, you need to create Video in line with your niche.

Later these videos have links that are routed to your stores as a part of an affiliate program.

In your journey to promote your products and services through YouTube, as an affiliate, you can proceed as follows:

1. Look for YouTubers with a proven track record, to start with

You need to deep dive into getting an experience You Tuber to work as an affiliate for you.

Look for affiliates with specialization in video creation. You may have a dialogue with the Video creator regarding your marketing strategy rather than their offerings.

Then look for organic subscription and their comments and likes on YouTube Channel.

The reason is quite simple, as with organic subscription, you can take that content is appealing and impressive for granted.

2.Begin by developing unique content

To attract audiences, it is vital that created videos are unique and essentially revolve around your Affiliate Marketing niche.

Then you may concentrate on the type of Video, keeping in view the taste of viewers. In general, there are four types of videos, which fits the bill, and these are :

Videos related to the review of products: In this type of Video, you share reasons to like a particular product or service and detailed analysis. Software, Video games etc., are few examples related to this segment.

Unboxing: In this type of Video, a package is opened on camera to film and get reactions. Usually, physical merchandise is used in this method.

Tutorials related to the functionality of products: In these videos, clients can overview the first-hand utility of the product and its functionality. Cooking how-to’s, Dance How-to’s are few examples of this segment.

Videos focussing on Best Of products: To identify the best product among competitors, such videos are made.

3. Make Captivating Videos to Make your work stand out

Make a captivating Video to audiences to inspires them to click over to your site.

Needless to say that in the first three lines above, the “Show More” button of your YouTube description, it should always contain the affiliate tracking link or coupon code.

A good description has a brief introduction about the Video’s content which then has an in-depth description comprising keywords for SEO.

4. Market your niche products

Lastly, to market your niche products, your affiliate requires freedom to work as per their requirement since it is essential to let the content grow at its own pace with an air of naturality.

Thus with proper use of the YouTube platform as an affiliate tool, you can reach your targeted audience to get engaged viewers and achieve your coveted goals.

YouTube and Getting Traffic

YouTube and Getting Traffic

The first criterion for getting viewers to any youtube video is to ensure that the audience sees it.

Thus, it is a challenge for any Vlogger/an affiliate to get the visitors for their created videos to earn revenue through this marketing mode.

Therefore, if you wish to have traffic, you need to optimize the videos through SEO practices.

Related Videos on similar topics

To be shown in the related videos, you need to optimize your video content. To do this, you need to optimize your content. You can do this simply by using SEO techniques as adding relevant keywords in the title, description and tags section.

If you watch a video on a given topic, you will get references to many other videos on a similar topic. Thus you can click on other videos also in case you like the content.

As a rule, you can add approximately 5,000 characters to your YouTube video’s description. Thus you may stuff all related keywords using SEO tools and add your affiliate link in the description section.

Q : What are Affiliate Links or What is an Affiliate Link?

A: Affiliate links are URL that includes the affiliate’s ID , or username. Affiliate programs allow advertisers to make use of affiliate links to track the traffic that goes to the website of the advertiser. This action is included in an affiliate plan. In most agreements, the affiliate is responsible for setting up the affiliate’s own affiliate link as well as ensuring that it connects to the advertiser’s site. Through the Affiliate link commission of the Affiliate Marketer is ensured for all the products or services promoted by him.

Another key to getting more traffic from YouTube related videos is that interesting thumbnails attract audiences and attract them to click.

Search Results in Google

Search Results in Google

Another influential source of traffic and viewers for your videos is Google search results. Your YouTube videos may appear on the first page of Google, and however, it all depends upon the keywords used.

You can post the link of your Youtube video on your web blog to implement video SEO, and this will attract targeted traffic to your youtube videos and your web blog.

You should take care to choose the suitable Keyword. It should be ensured that videos are available for that Keyword in Google search.

Because, If none of the videos is coming up, you will have to change the Keyword to ensure ranking of your YouTube video through Video SEO organic search.


Subscribers are the users who have subscribed to your channel to get access to Video, in the form of notifications, once released.

The Subscription page attracts traffic, being a good source. Thus you can ask your audiences to click the bell icon to get the notifications so that they get access to your Video immediately upon its release.

With the increased numbers of your subscribers, with every release of Video, you will get more traffic in a faster way.


With increased awareness regarding YouTube Channel, there has been an increased demand for videos related to various topics.

You have an abundant source of potential audiences and customers with every passing day.

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